This list of questions and answers reflects some of the most common questions our guests ask.

What should I do in an emergency, or if I have questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us at (516) 509-5214 (Denise) or 516-510-9901 (Fred).


Do I have to bring my own bedding?

No, no, no! What kind of vacation would that be? Freshly laundered, high-quality bedding -- including sheets, blankets, quilts and pillows -- are provided for our guests.

Edelweiss Cabin was envisioned as a respite from the stresses of daily life, and we can’t think of anything more stressful than arriving to find yourself lacking basic necessities. So, relax, we have it all: Fresh linens, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, paper towels, detergent, garbage bags, hangers, hairdryer, clothes steamer, flashlights -- all the basics. We don't think you should have to do a Costco schlepp before going on vacation.If you feel like doing your own laundry, there is a full-sized, brand-new washer-dryer -- and complimentary laundry pods.


How well equipped is your kitchen?

The kitchen at Edelweiss Cabin is outfitted with all the dishes, pots, pans, and cooking and serving utensils you will need to turn out delicious meals for you and your fellow guests.We've thought of all those pesky accessories as well: measuring cups and spoons, strainers, colanders, muffin tins, baking sheets, meat thermometer ... you name it, chances are we have it.Appliances include dishwasher, microwave, Keurig coffeemaker (with complimentary pods), toaster, Instant Pot and panino press. 


Do you provide gas for the grill?

Yes. The grill at Edelweiss Cabin is hooked up and ready for your burgers and brats! 


Do you provide firewood?

Absolutely. A wall-mounted rack next to our wood-burning stove has enough wood to last a weekend. Additional firewood is conveniently located just outside the front door. Complimentary firewood for the fire pit is also available for your use. 


Will my cellphone work in your cabin?

Cell-phone coverage in the Catskills is notoriously spotty. You will need to connect to wifi to use your cell phone in the house.


How strong is your wifi?

To ensure that you have the most powerful internet available, we have two sources of internet connectivity: the highest-speed broadband service available from our local cable provider, as well as Starlink, Elon Musk's new satellite-powered internet provider. 


Do you have televisions?

Yes. There are smart TVs in every bedroom, as well as in the great room. All are loaded with popular content apps (Netflix, HBO Max, etc.). You will need to have your own account and password in order to access them, and we remind you to log out of any apps you sign into before checking out.


Do you have air conditioning?

Yes. Our brand-new 14,000 BTU DeLonghi Pinguino cools the cabin in a matter of minutes. Get ready to chill!


But will I need air conditioning?

Well, that's an entirely different question.

Summer in the Catskills is a unicorn: Here in the mountains, we are often some 10 degrees cooler than the temperatures in the neighboring towns. Our strategically positioned cabin stays remarkably cool even in the hottest part of the afternoon. When the front door and kitchen-sink window are open, the refreshing breeze blows through their screens, leaving it pleasantly cool. (Keep the deck door closed, however, as that will usher in the heat of the day.) And once the sun goes down, the air turns crisp: To our minds, the ultimate luxury is sleeping under a snug, freshly laundered quilt, a brisk mountain breeze coming in through the screened window.

So, truth be told, you likely will not need to run the air-conditioning unit, located in the living room under the window by the wood stove. But you have the peace of mind of knowing it is there, even if you find you never need it. 

If you are visiting Edelweiss Cabin during the winter months, the unit will be in storage.


What do I need to know about winter travel?

In the winter, four-wheel drive and snow tires/chains are not only suggested in the Catskills -- they are required.Unlike many driveways in the area, ours is not steep, and we plow after every snowfall of four inches or more. Still, even the lightest dusting can result in stuck vehicles if they are not properly outfitted for weather conditions.In the event of snowfall and ice, no matter how seemingly navigable, we strongly recommend that you park on the road and walk the short distance to the cabin. That will ensure you won't get stuck.It is beautiful when the white stuff falls, of course ...




How is the house heated in winter?

Edelweiss Cabin is constructed with full-size logs -- no veneers here -- and is fully insulated, retaining a great deal of heat during the cold winter months.For your comfort and convenience, all the first-floor rooms have electrically heated floors, which are individually controlled by switches in each room.All the bedrooms have space heaters and quilts should you desire additional warmth.On the coldest days, you may wish to utilize the wood-burning stove. During winter, we will have the stove started for you on check-in. Complimentary firewood is provided, so you can keep those home fires burning for the entirety of your stay if you like.

How serious should we take all these warnings about wildlife?

We cannot emphasize this enough: While we strive to provide you with every modern convenience indoors, there are also many creatures outdoors that may challenge your comfort level if they come too close.Deer, bear, skunks, eagles and other predators are commonplace throughout the Catskills. The best way to view them – especially the bears – is from afar.Here's an uninvited teenage visitor who ambled over to check out the cabin construction: 



Do not leave ANY food outdoors. Not on the deck, not in your car. Doing so is an open invitation for ill-mannered carnivores to amble up for a closer look (and sniff).

If you use the barbecue, clean up all food after use, and immediately scrub and clean the grill with the barbecue utensils provided.

Do not leave open doors unattended, especially if you are cooking outdoors.

On check-out, please leave your garbage in the can provided at the rear corner of the property closest to the driveway, and secure the bungee-cord lid lock.


Do I need to clean up after myself?

We don't expect you to do laundry or remake beds; you didn't go on vacation be cleaning house, after all! 

We do ask that you place any dirty kitchen items in the dishwasher and turning it on before you check out, as well as bag up any trash and secure it in the bear-safe trash cans on the property.

We may assess an extra cleaning charge if the cabin is left in a particularly filthy state -- for example, mud tracked all over the carpets, dirty caked-on dishes, etc. If treat the property respectfully, as if it were your own, there won't be a problem.


Can I park my car at the cabin?

Yes. You can park anywhere on the stone-covered driveway. Please do not park cars on any grassy areas.


Can I bring my pet?

No, sorry. Edelweiss Cabin does not accept pets.


Can I check in early/check out later?

Our goal is to ensure that you have a pristine, well-outfitted cabin awaiting your arrival. As a result, we need every minute available to us to clean, straighten and replenish before your arrival, and cannot offer early check-in. If, however, if our cleaning crew is done early, we will send you a text as soon as the property is ready for your visit.


Is there an extra charge to use the hot tub?

No, the hot tub and all other amenities are included at no additional charge.


Can I smoke in your cabin?

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside Edelweiss Cabin, and will incur a $300 smoking-abatement charge.

However, you are perfectly free to smoke in the beautiful great outdoors, as well as on the deck. Please use good sense and courtesy regarding your ashes, butts or other potentially hazardous materials.


What if my guest numbers change after I make a booking?

No problem! You can simply change your guest numbers up or down by letting us know, and we'll adjust the rate accordingly.

Please note that we cannot allow reduction of guest numbers within two weeks of arrival, because we've already started stocking and preparing for the numbers you gave us. We may, however, still be able to increase guest numbers right up to arrival. Please contact us for confirmation.

Please note that parties and gatherings that include individuals not on the guest list provided to us are not permitted on the premises.


Is Edelweiss Cabin childproof?

We have taken every measure to ensure that Edelweiss Cabin is safe and hazard free, but our property is not childproof. For safety reasons we do not rent to families with children under age 12 without prior approval.

In addition, we remind you that everyone, adults included, needs to take care around wood-burning stoves.


Do you have hiking trails?

Edelweiss Cabin is located on eight pristine acres. Consult the property map posted on the side of the refrigerator. The long end of the property is bounded by stone walls. The house's deck faces the end of the property. Beyond the trees is a meadow with picnic area, and you can continue to hike beyond that, past the apple trees and the site of our future pond, to the drop-off and the stream. That is the end of the property.


What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel up to 30 days before your reservations for a full refund. Beyond that point, your stay is non-refundable. We strongly suggest our guests purchase CFAR (cancel for any reason) insurance. Plans can change suddenly, and it greatly helps to have travel insurance if the unforeseen happens. CFAR insurance typically costs about 9 percent of the cost of the rental, but is well worth it.


Is Edelweiss Cabin handicapped accessible?

No. Edelweiss Cabin is accessed via a flight of eight steps. Once inside, there are an additional 12 steps to access the upstairs loft office and bedroom.

Both bathrooms have walk-in showers with glass partitions. For those guests who have spatial concerns, the opening through which the shower is accessed is 20 inches for the main bathroom and 18 inches for the smaller en-suite bathroom.


How do I get into Edelweiss Cabin on the day I am booked to arrive?

About a week before your scheduled arrival, we send you an email with directions and an access code to the digital lock at the cabin. This way, you can arrive however late suits your schedule and you don't have to worry about meeting anyone in person. We'll leave the porch light on for you!

If for some reason you don't receive this email, check your spam folder or email us to resend it to you.

It should go without saying, but we'll say it anyway: Please do not go to Edelweiss Cabin before your check-in date. Chances are you will be disturbing paying guests who, like you, want to enjoy their time without interruption or uninvited guests.


What articles of clothing will I wish I had packed?

This part of the Catskills is replete with streams and springs, because these mountains are inextricably linked to their water: Several Victorian-era towns were flooded to form the reservoir that supplies drinking water to New York City; and the headwaters of the great Delaware River -- the same one George Washington crossed in 1776 -- are located only a few miles away. (You'll pass it en route to the Dollar General in Grand Gorge. And, yes, you must visit a Dollar General, at least once.)

So ... waterproof footwear is a must. Keep the white Converses at home!

Remember, too, that this part of the Catskills is at a somewhat high altitude; as a result, nights can get downright nippy. We have plenty of blankets to keep you comfy, but just think crisp.


What should I do about provisioning?

We make sure our guests at Edelweiss Cabin have a "starter kit" of the farm-fresh basics in the fridge: organic milk, Irish butter, regular and decaf coffee and tea, and free-range eggs.

To stock up, head to Freshtown in Margaretville, about a 15-minute drive. It's quite a well-stocked supermarket. Be sure to head around the corner to Home Goods of Margaretville, an eclectic store that carries a surprising array of decorative objects, cooking supplies and groceries. If you need a wedge of Guyere, or a container of créme fraîche, this is your destination!


What's there to do on the drive up to Edelweiss Cabin from the New York City area?

The ride from New York City to Edelweiss Cabin is approximately three hours. We encourage you to arrive before nightfall if at all possible, as finding your way around the sometimes steep, narrow and unlit mountain roads can be challenging.

Since check-in time at Edelweiss is not until 3 p.m., departing the city early and stopping along the way can make for an eventful and well-timed trip. Below are three stops you can make along the way that will make the trip as satisfying as the destination! 

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets (1 hour). This five-star shopping experience is a must for those who refuse to pay retail. From Abercrombie & Fitch to Zales, this Central Valley outpost is one of the largest contiguous outlet centers in the world, with some 220 stores. Heavy focus on clothing and accessories. And don't forget the food court: We're partial to the Thai Chicken Crunch bowl at Just Salad.


Walkway Over the Hudson (< 2 hours). Kind of upstate's answer to the Highline, this linear park spans the mighty Hudson, connecting the towns of Lloyd in Ulster County and the City of Poughkeepsie in Dutchess County. Be sure to wear your sneaks: Standing 212 feet above the water, the Walkway is 1.28 miles from one side to the other. 


Kingston Stockade District (< 2 hours). As New York State's first capital, Kingston, is chockablock with history: Its Four Corners (John and Crown streets) is the oldest intersection of colonial-era buildings in the nation. But there's also plenty of fine dining and shopping, including an impressive array of vintage stores. 


Do you have any recommendations for restaurants, local sights and day trips?

But of course! Check out the electronic version of our Welcome Book, which is always being updated and augmented.