About Us

We are Denise and Fred. We grew up in the city, and for decades we have spent our free time in this pristine part of the Catskills.

We're here to help make your visit as pleasant and memorable as possible.

Our FAQ page has the answers to almost any question you might have. But feel free to contact us if anything is unclear, or you need additional help. That's what we're here for! 

When he's not building log cabins, Fred is a technology project manager for financial institutions. Denise is a former Newsday editor and columnist who runs a niche book-publishing company.

For our international friends, Denise, whose parents comes from the Dolomites of the Trentino, speaks Italian. (Try her Ladin as well.) Fred, whose parents come from the rural outskirts of Munich, speaks German with a decidedly Bavarian accent.