Calling all leaf peepers ...

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Leaf abscission is the very unromantic sounding name for the process by which trees lose their stores of chlorophyll and reveal their stores of red- and orange-pigmented carotenoids.

That's fall foliage to you and me.

But would-be leaf peepers -- especially those from downstate -- frequently miscalculate the best time to catch the fall splendor of the Catskills.

So let us give you a hint: If you're already carving pumpkins, you're too late.

In our experience, the very best time to see Catskills foilage are the first two weeks of October, give or take. By the time the end of the month rolls around, the leaves have browned and started their swan song.

Edelweiss Cottage has just opened up our early-October calendar. So now's the time to book us for the right time to see the fall splendor!